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Julie Alaniz,

Speech Language Pathologist

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  • Biography


    Julie has been a practicing speech-language pathologist since 2014
    and has experience in a range of settings such as private practice,
    home-based early intervention, and in-patient pediatric. She grew up
    in New Hampshire before receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the
    University of New Hampshire and Master’s of Science in Speech-
    Language Pathology from Northeastern University. Julie recently
    relocated back to Texas after spending 3 years in Colorado where
    she continued to gain experience working in pediatric private practice

    She has a variety of experiences working with speech, language, and
    feeding disorders. She has years of experience using the
    Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR)
    Floortime as a baseline of all therapeutic interventions. DIR was
    created for children on the autism spectrum. However, as a
    philosophy that focuses on the unique needs and interests of each
    individual, it can apply to any child or adult. These principles have
    become the foundation of Julie’s therapeutic style, as she
    understands that each child has individual needs and interests. She
    strives to build relationships with each child and their family to
    implement treatment that best meets the needs of each child. Julie
    feels strongly that parents are the biggest experts in regards to their
    own child so she works diligently to make therapy meaningful and
    functional for every family.

    Julie also has a variety of experience in social-emotional learning
    challenges, language disorders, pragmatic disorders, articulation
    disorders, apraxia, and selective eating challenges. She has taken
    continuing education courses with Michelle Garcia Winner, Marsha
    Dunn Klein’s Get Permission Approach, Pam Marshalla, Catherine
    Shaker and several other’s to deepen her knowledge in these areas.
    When working with selective eaters, Julie uses a responsive-based
    feeding approach, which moves at the child’s own pace while working
    to achieve the family’s feeding goals. She encourages children to
    explore new foods and textures in ways that are comfortable and fun.
    Implementing feeding therapy in a pressure-free environment works
    towards the long-term goal of improving their overall relationship with
    food and mealtimes.

    In her free time, Julie enjoys spending time outdoors, going hiking
    and camping, and spending time with her husband and two young

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    email: julie@kitestringstherapy.com