Getting Started

We understand your concerns for your child and are here to help.

Together we will guide you through the process -- from initial evaluation, through referrals for insurance coverage, to treatment, and beyond. Let's get started!

  • Referral Process

  • Insurance and Payment

  • Referral Process

    Referral Process

    Here is a step-by-step guide to establishing a therapy relationship:

    1.  MD Prescription:  

    Please request a prescription from your doctor for "Speech, Occupational, or Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment".  You may either bring the prescription to your first appointment or have the doctor's office fax it it Kitestrings.  Please have your child's doctor include any diagnoses that your child may have.  This assists in evaluation, treatment planning and billing.

    2.  Contact Kitestrings:

    Call or email Kitestrings to request an appointment for an initial evaluation or to inquire about whether your child is an appropriate candidate for therapy.  You may also initiate services by completing intake paperwork using the link on the front page of our website.

    3.  Schedule:

    Complete intake paperwork by clicking the link on the front page of our website that says "Ready to Get Started?"

    4.  Schedule:

    The therapist for the specific discipline you are requesting will return your call to discuss scheduling and explain the therapy process.



  • Insurance and Payment

    Insurance and Payment

    We are currently in network with:


    Blue Cross Blue Shield

    United Healthcare


    Scott and White


    Cigna (*for speech therapy services)


    For other insurances, we are happy to assist submitting claims for out of network coverage if eligible.

    If it appears your insurance company includes our services in your plan, Kitestrings will submit claims to insurance.  Kitestrings will then bill you if you owe a co-payment or co-insurance.



    Each individual insurance policy is different.  Kitestrings will provide the courtesy of calling your insurance company to verify coverage and benefits of therapy under your individual plan.  Verification of benefits is not automatically a guarantee that insurance will pay for therapy.

    We encourage each client to call to ensure accuracy.  Important questions to ask:

    • Type of plan (PPO, HMO)?
    • Is this a marketplace plan?
    • Is there a deductible to be met before insurance will pay for therapy?
    • Is there a co-pay or co-insurance for therapy?
    • Is pre-authorization required?
    • Is a referral required (usually for HMO)?
    • Are there any limitations or exclusions for coverage of therapy?
    • Is therapy covered if multiple services or discipliness are provided on the same day?