Occupational Therapy

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  • Our Focus

    Our Focus

    Occupational therapy focuses on physical, cognitive and perceptual disabilities that influence a child's ability to perform functional tasks. We provide therapies designed to help children perform daily tasks more independently such as:

    • playing
    • handwriting
    • feeding
    • dressing
    • bathing

    Our occupational therapist will evaluate and treat your child’s ability to use his or her:

    • arms, hands and fingers
    • visual perceptual skills
    • thought or cognitive functions
    • hand coordination
    • self-care skills

    We also evaluate and treat a child’s ability to process the sensory information and how senses affect participation in daily activities.

  • Evaluations


    Evaluations include a comprehensive intake of history and reported concerns.  

    Depending upon the child's age, assessment may include standardized assessment, informal assessment, and play-based interactions.  

    Upon completion of the evaluation a verbal report will be provided with results and recommendations, followed by a written report.

  • Treatment


    Treatment is based upon a plan of care established by the treating therapist as dictated by the functional goals for the child.

    Therapeutic activities will be based upon the long and short term goals. Home exercise programs will be provided and good compliance typically leads to the best results.

    Our team may use adaptive equipment, splinting, modalities and sensory diets as part of the prescribed treatment.