Speech Therapy

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  • Our Focus

    Our Focus

    We provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment for all speech, language, cognitive-linguistic, social communication, voice, fluency, and feeding and swallowing disorders.

    *  Several speech language pathologists at Kitestrings are PROMPT trained.

    Common diagnostic categories may include the following disorders:

    • Articulation and phonology
    • Stuttering/cluttering (dysfluency disorders)
    • Apraxia
    • Central Auditory Processing (as related to language processing)
    • Receptive and Expressive language
    • Executive Functioning Skills
    • Social and Pragmatic Language
    • Feeding and Swallowing
    • Oral Motor Dysfunction
    • Tongue Thrust
    • Voice
  • Evaluations


    Evaluations include a comprehensive intake of history and reported concerns.  

    Depending upon the child's age, assessment may include standardized assessment, informal assessment, and play-based interactions.  

    Upon completion of the evaluation a verbal report will be provided with results and recommendations, followed by a written report.

  • Treatment


    Treatment is based upon a plan of care established by the treating therapist.  

    Therapy may involve structured tasks and play-based activities depending upon the targeted goal. 


  • Resources


    Families may find the following Speech and Language Therapy resources helpful: