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Angie Havens,

Physical Therapist

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    Angie is a licensed Physical Therapist who has been practicing in Austin for over 10 years. Upon completion of her undergraduate work at The University of Texas at Austin, Angie studied at Texas Woman’s University in Dallas where she earned a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She began her career at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin working with adults in an inpatient rehabilitation setting helping them regain function after sustaining various neurological and orthopedic insults including stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, fractures and joint replacements.

    However, her passion has always been working with children and that led her to Dell Children’s Medical Center in 2009 where she treated a variety of diagnoses including neurological disorders, genetic disorders, developmental delay, torticollis, rheumatologic conditions and Amplified pain syndrome/CRPS, gait abnormalities, and children undergoing treatment for cancer. She also provided physical therapy services for Dell Children’s in-house Spasticity Clinic. Since 2011, Angie has been treating pediatric patients in the home health arena where she has specialized in the treatment of infants discharged from neonatal intensive care unit and young children with developmental delays. Angie’s treatment philosophy is to work closely with each family on developing a treatment plan that not only achieves functional outcomes that matter to the family, but ones that enable the child to succeed in their passions and play.

    In addition to her clinical experience, Angie has post graduate advanced training/continuing education in the following areas:

    • NDT Intensive Handling Techniques
    • Kinesio Taping Fundamental Concepts, Advanced Concepts and Corrective Techniques/KT1 and KT2
    • Pediatric Gait Course- Multiple Intervention Strategies
    • Treatment of Torticollis
    • Training of the Young Athlete
    • Aquatic Therapy for Kids: The Use of an Aquatic Environment to Accomplish Pediatric Therapeutic Goals
    • Using NDT Principles to Recover Function for Adults with Hemiplegia
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