SPEECH THERAPY now being offered in Steiner Ranch area and Circle C/Southwest!! Please call for details.

Summer Groups

We are excited to offer a new summer group. Read below for details.

Group programs are a fun way to work on skills in a small group setting. We are open to ideas if you would like us to create and provide a new group for your child.

  • Social Skills Group 6-8 year olds

  • Social Skills Group 6-8 year olds

    Social Skills Group 6-8 year olds

    Fun with friends!



    Kitestrings is excited to announce the return of the Summer Social Club! This group is ideal for 6-8 year olds who are neurodivergent (examples include but aren’t limited to: autism, adhd, pragmatic language delay) and want to have FUN while learning about navigating social situations, making friends, and building executive functioning skills. It’s lead by a certified speech-language pathologist. I aim to provide a really positive environment where everyone feels good about themselves. 


    To sign up e-mail Amanda Brown, MS, CCC-SLP:  amanda@kitestringstherapy.com